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Have a glance inside the CERN: a small collection of photos I took on July 3rd, 1997 during a very instructive visit. Between December 8th, 1999 and October 7th, 2001 I had been working at CERN, as Delphi webmaster, and I have been concerned with IDEA project, that constituted the kernel of my university final thesis. You may also want to browse the internal Delphi Organization by then. Have a look at the pages I wrote concerning Delphi Searches, if you know login and password to access the system. On January 26th, 2000 and on March 29th, I held two talks about the work I did at the beginning. Here you can find the transparencies I used by then:

January, 26th 2000, during the DELPHI GSM meeting

Slides in PowerPoint format Samples of web pages in PowerPoint format
Slides in PostScript format 1st grabbed image 2nd grabbed image 3rd grabbed image 4th grabbed image

March, 29th 2000, during the DELPHI WWW meeting

Slides in PowerPoint format Slides in Adobe Acrobat format Grabbed image of a sample screen

On January 22nd, 2003 I got the degree in Physics. Here you can find the transparencies I used during the discussion, about the development of methods for long time access to DELPHI experiment data (in Italian):

January 22nd, 2003, during the degree session

Slides in PowerPoint format

On June 1st, 2007 I joined CMS experiment. After obtaining Oracle OCP certification, I have been enrolled as DBA and entrusted experiment's databases, undertaking part of their administration and developing and maintaining some monitoring tools. Here you will find a few pages of mine, showing some public internals about our databases:

Development server
Integration server
Production server
PopCon activity

On September 18th, 2007 I had been happy to hold my first presentation in CMS concerning the tools developed during the summer and whose pages just above are samples, shortly followed by a second one held on October 12th, 2007:

September 18th, 2007, during the CMS week offline database session:   Slides in PowerPoint format   Slides in Adobe Acrobat format

October 12th, 2007, during the CMS offline database session   Slides in PowerPoint format   Slides in Adobe Acrobat format

Have you ever heard about a simulation, known as Life Game? Invented by John Horton Conway, a brilliant and eccentric mathematician of the Princeton University, it has been the basis which the theory of cellular robots has been developed from. It describes graphically the behaviour, i.e. the course in the time, of a statistical population conditioned by external agents. You can play it by clicking here, or download the software package (617 KB), that I have been developing between March and June 1999, with some modifications made during September and October 2002, for Laboratory of Electronics's examination, a project realized by integrating the main object, a dynamic link library implemented in Microsoft Visual C++ as an ActiveX component, a HTML page to contain it, with a heavy addition of JavaScript scripts, and a database of Microsoft Access, used to store and to plot the various simulations saved, and equipped with VBA support. Please note that this project has been designed to work under Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Unfortunately, instructions and labels are written in Italian, but, for any question, you can contact me.

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