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Search Engines

Special thanks to Google and AltaVista.

European Travels

Special thanks to MapQuest.

Domain Check

Special thanks to Domain Tools.

Storage Media Info

Special thanks to the mirror hosted by the University of Oviedo, for the documentation I used to learn properties and objects fit to read the file system in the JavaScript language.

Note: If an error is generated by Microsoft Internet Explorer or nothing happens when you press the button above, please open the Control Panel, click on the Internet icon and set the protection level in the Internet area on low. This script is not dangerous at all: trust me!

Perturbation of a String

Generation of HTML source code

By selecting one of the following options, you'll show the code of the relative feature;
then you'll have only to select, copy and paste it into your own page:

Search Engines SMS Messaging Phone & Address Search European Travels Domain Check Storage Media Info Perturbation of a String

Comments and Notes

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