Microsoft Access Databases Archive

ID Name Description
1.1. TuttoScienze (*)
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This database contains an index of TuttoScienze articles published on La Stampa between July 1993 and August 1996, carefully catalogued by myself, and it is provided with two methods to seek for a piece of information, as well as with a statistical engine.

(*) This database has been developed in Italian and for 97 release of Microsoft Access

Integrated projects

ID Name Description
2.1. Life Game Simulation
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Have you ever heard about a simulation, known as Life Game? Invented by John Convay, a brilliant and eccentric mathematician of Princeton University, it has been the basis from which the theory of cellular robots has been developed. It describes graphically the behaviour, i.e. the course in the time, of a statistical population conditioned by external agents. The software package I have developed is a project realized by integrating the main object, a dynamic link library implemented in Microsoft Visual C++ as an ActiveX component, a HTML page to contain it, with the needed addition of JavaScript scripts, and a database of Microsoft Access, used to store and to plot the various simulations saved, and equipped with VBA support. Please note that this project has been designed to work under Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP. Unfortunately, instructions and labels are written only in Italian, but, for any question, you can contact me.

2.2. IDEA
(Improved DElphi Analysis)

IDEA is an innovative software used for physical analyses within the DELPHI collaboration at CERN. It is entirely developed in C++ and runs besides an analogous software implemented some years ago in Fortran, called SKELANA, that will probably be replaced by IDEA itself in the next future. Its importance is due to the need to preserve the access to the data stored on DELPHI's tapes during the past LEP working.
I belonged to the developing team of this tool and this constituted the core of my final thesis.

MS-DOS Utilities Archive

ID Name Executable Source Description Topic Valuation
3.1. CHAINGEN It generates numerical sequences by scanning the trees forming while going from a node to another and following a specific rule of walking. It is invokes by BUFFER program, but it may be useful by itself [See also BUFFER, SHOW] VARIOUS ****
Quick Basic
4.1. BIOSVERS It outputs the computer type on the screen, by fetching it from the BIOS [See also FREESPC, MYFUNC, CDBOOT, CMOSIMG, ENVMODE, MATHCOP] COMPUTING *
4.2. BUFFER It controls game books [See also SHOW, CHAINGEN] VARIOUS ****
4.3. CAVEN After inserting the population of empirical data revealed by a Cavendish balance, it calculates the best linear and parabolic fits SCIENCE **
4.4. COLORS It shows all available colours [See also PALETTE] COMPUTING *
4.5. DAY It performs algebraic operations on dates and returns the week day of a given one VARIOUS ***
4.6. EULER It calculates the coefficients of Euler polynomials SCIENCE **
4.7. FILETRNK It makes a copy of a file, stopping the process at the specified offset [See also MAKEDATA, PC2UNIX, UNIX2PC] COMPUTING *
4.8. FREESPC It outputs the free space of a drive [See also BIOSVERS, MYFUNC, CDBOOT, CMOSIMG, ENVMODE, MATHCOP] COMPUTING *
4.9. FTEST It compares CPU speed of different computers, by calculating how many seconds everyone takes to count up to the same number [See also MYFUNC] COMPUTING *
4.10. FUNCAPRX It draws functions between the specified extremes ROUND, WAVES] SCIENCE **
4.11. KEYCODES N/A It returns the ASCII code or the scansion code of the pressed key; don't compile it, or you won't be able to exit: every pressed key is fetched [See also KEYFAKE, MYFUNC] COMPUTING **
4.12. KEYFAKE It pushes a sequence of keys into the keyboard buffer, so that the program specified starts as these keys are pressed by user after its initialization [See also KEYCODES, MYFUNC] COMPUTING ***
4.14. MAKEDATA It transforms a binary file into a text one containing the ASCII code of every byte of the former and adds DATA BASIC instruction before each line [See also FILETRNK, PC2UNIX, UNIX2PC] COMPUTING *
4.15. MATHS It performs four different actions, including factoring of a number [See also MINOX] SCIENCE ***
4.15. MINOX It sends the coordinates of complex geometric figures to a printer or a plotter [See also MATHS] SCIENCE **
4.16. MYFUNC Set of routines to analyse the system, often invoking interrupt calls, and to perform several operations [See also BIOSVERS, FREESPC, SAVEDIR, RESTDIR, CDBOOT, CMOSIMG, ENVMODE, MATHCOP] COMPUTING ***
4.17. NOVRAIN It sends to printer the lyrics of November Rain, the famous song by Guns 'n' Roses VARIOUS **
4.18. PALETTE It controls the colour palette, by increasing or decreasing the RGB components intensity of each of the 256 available colours in VGA mode [See also COLORS] COMPUTING ****
4.19. PC2UNIX It transforms a text file where the new line is delimited by 0x0D 0x0A into one where this string is simply 0x0A [See also UNIX2PC, FILETRNK, MAKEDATA] COMPUTING **
4.20. RESTDIR It restores the path specified in the environment variable set by SAVEDIR [See also SAVEDIR, MYFUNC, STODIR] COMPUTING **
4.21. ROUND It applies an affine transformation on a drawn triangle [See also FUNCAPRX, WAVES] SCIENCE ***
4.22. SAVEDIR It saves the current path into a batch file called TEMPDIR.BAT; you have to launch it afterwards in order to set an environment variable containing this path [See also RESTDIR, MYFUNC, STODIR] COMPUTING **
4.24. SHOW It shows a saved session of BUFFER program [See also BUFFER, CHAINGEN] VARIOUS **
4.25. UNIX2PC It transforms a text file where the new line is delimited by 0x0A into one where this string is 0x0D 0x0A [See also PC2UNIX, FILETRNK, MAKEDATA] COMPUTING **
4.25. WAVES It draws a close sinusoidal wave, like a De Broglies's figure [See also FUNCAPRX, ROUND] SCIENCE ***
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5.1. ARROW It lights the mouse pointer on the screen in VGA graphic mode [See also PALETTE, LOADPAL, PALGEN, SAVEPAl, SHIFTPAL] COMPUTING *
5.2. CDBOOT It saves the boot sector of a CD-ROM in a file [See also BIOSVERS, FREESPC, MYFUNC, CMOSIMG, ENVMODE, MATHCOP] COMPUTING ***
5.3. CHKDKEY It checks if DosKey has been installed and returns an errorlevel accordingly [See also CHKDPMI, CHKLAN, CHKTSR] COMPUTING **
5.4. CHKDPMI It checks if DPMI services are available and returns an errorlevel accordingly [See also CHKDKEY, CHKLAN, CHKTSR] COMPUTING **
5.5. CHKLAN It checks if network services are installed and returns an errorlevel accordingly [See also CHKDKEY, CHKDPMI, CHKTSR] COMPUTING **
5.6. CHKTSR It checks if any TSR specified specified by user on command line is installed and returns an errorlevel accordingly; useful to empower batch files [See also CHKDKEY, CHKDPMI, CHKLAN] COMPUTING ****
5.7. CMOSIMG It performs a hard copy of CMOS contents into a file [See also BIOSVERS, FREESPC, MYFUNC, CDBOOT, ENVMODE, MATHCOP] COMPUTING ***
5.8. ENVMODE It outputs current operating system and version number [See also BIOSVERS, FREESPC, MYFUNC, CDBOOT, CMOSIMG, MATHCOP] COMPUTING ***
5.9. GHOST This is a system driver, to be loaded in CONFIG.SYS file: it creates as many ficticious drives as user specifies on command line, in order to occupy some letters [See also BIOSVERS, FREESPC, MYFUNC, CDBOOT, CMOSIMG, MATHCOP] COMPUTING ****
5.10. HPTEST It tests Hewlett Packard DeskJet printers, by sending the sequence for self-test [See also MYFUNC] COMPUTING **
5.11. INT18 The first time it is called, it redirects the calls to interrupt 18h to the command specified on the command line; the second it restores the previous functionality of this interrupt COMPUTING ****
5.12. KRONOS The first time it is called, it starts timing; the second it stops and outputs on the screen the number of elapsed seconds VARIOUS ****
5.13. LOADPAL It loads the VGA palette incorporated at the bottom of the file: after being assembled, it is necessary to append a palette file by PALGEN utility [See also COLORS, PALETTE, ARROW, PALGEN, SAVEPAL, SHIFTPAL] COMPUTING ***
5.14. MATHCOP It tests the presence of math coprocessor [See also BIOSVERS, FREESPC, MYFUNC, CDBOOT, CMOSIMG, ENVMODE] COMPUTING **
5.15. PALGEN It appends a palette file, generated by PALETTE or SAVEPAL, at the bottom of LOADPAL utility [See also COLORS, PALETTE, ARROW, LOADPAL, SAVEPAL, SHIFTPAL] COMPUTING **
5.16. SAVEPAL It saves current VGA palette in a file [See also COLORS, PALETTE, ARROW, LOADPAL, PALGEN, SHIFTPAL] COMPUTING ***
5.17. SHIFTPAL It rolls cyclically current VGA palette, composed of 768 bytes and 256 colours, of one byte rightwards, or, if "/3" option is specified on command line, of three bytes, i.e. of a whole colour [See also COLORS, PALETTE, ARROW, LOADPAL, PALGEN, SAVEPAL] COMPUTING ***
5.18. STODIR It sets an environment variable containing the current path; unfortunately invoking 2Eh interrupt prevents its usage in batch files [See also SAVEDIR, RESTDIR, MYFUNC] COMPUTING ***
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